Ultra Support Brews Success: Coffee Morning nets £1,055 for MacMillan Cancer Support

Ultra Support Brews Success: Coffee Morning nets £1,055 for MacMillan Cancer Support

November 16, 2023

A Warm Gathering for a Great Cause

It was a delightful morning at Ultra Support, not just because of the freshly brewed coffee and mouth-watering cakes but because of the warmth and generosity that filled the air. The Ultra Support team hosted a MacMillan Coffee Morning to raise funds for MacMillan Cancer Support, a charity that offers crucial aid to those affected by cancer.

Brewing Kindness: More Than Just Coffee

As you walked into the office, you could feel the warmth of the community. The tables overflowed with a fantastic variety of homemade treats, from classic sponge cakes to delicious pastries. What an impressive spread! There was a huge selection of sweet and savoury delights, all baked to perfection. Every bite was a reminder of the importance of the day, which was to show our support for those battling cancer.

A Milestone Achievement

Wow, what a fantastic day it turned out to be! Thanks to the incredible generosity and spirit of the Ultra Support team and our visitors, we managed to raise just over £1000! This enormous contribution will make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most. MacMillan Cancer Support will be able to offer much-needed medical, emotional, and financial assistance, thanks to all of you!

More Than A Company: A Community

The event was really special as it brought everyone together and showed how Ultra Support is more than just a workplace. It’s a community that genuinely cares about its employees and strives to impact the world positively.

Looking Forward

As the day wrapped up, there was an incredible feeling of achievement. The success of the MacMillan Coffee Morning was genuinely inspiring, and it has encouraged the team to continue creating a culture of kindness and support that reaches far beyond the office walls.

The coffee morning event by Ultra Support was more than just a fundraising occasion. It reflects the company’s ethos – to support, care, and make a difference.