Project Services

Project Services

Ultra Support offers a variety of project services to our valued partners and their clients. These services are overseen by our expert team, ensuring smooth and effective management of projects from start to finish.

Smart Hands

Our highly skilled technical engineers are always ready to assist your customers with any technical issues they may be experiencing. By partnering with your customer support teams, we can expertly guide our engineers to perform tasks remotely, allowing your customers to focus on their core business operations. With our extensive nationwide coverage, you can rely on us to provide a stable, dependable service that delivers results.

Hardware Pre-Staging

We provide comprehensive services for building, pre-loading, and configuring many products, including storage arrays and servers ready to be deployed at your customer’s locations. Our skilled technical workshop engineers can expertly handle pre-building, pre-installation, testing, configuration, asset tagging, storage, and project management. Trust us to deliver top-quality solutions for your needs.

IT Relocations & Migrations

Ultra Support provides customisable IT relocation services, handling every aspect of the project with expert assistance. From surveys and audits to transportation and post-installation support, trust us to manage your IT relocation needs smoothly and successfully.

Data Sanitisation Services

Maintaining hardware efficiently requires readily available spare parts, such as hard drives and SSDs. However, it’s common for some users to shred these drives, overlooking more environmentally friendly alternatives.

At Ultra Support, we employ cutting-edge technology compliant with NIST 800-88 standards to securely sanitise data storage devices like HDDs and SSDs. This method not only safely erases data but also repairs and rejuvenates the drives for prolonged use. We also issue Data Destruction certificates, guaranteeing data security and confidentiality.

IT Asset Disposal

When it comes to decommissioning hardware, safeguarding data is essential. Failure to comply with GDPR can result in severe consequences for corporates and public sector organisations, including reputational and financial harm. Ultra Support Services provides comprehensive IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) solutions that meet your client’s needs. Our secure services encompass on and off-site HDD shredding, customised data erasure, and asset value recovery. Our solutions are certified by CPNI, CESG, and EA, and our personnel are security-cleared, while our vehicles are GPS-tracked. Rest assured that we take data protection very seriously and are confident in delivering exceptional services to our partners.

Workshop Repair

Our workshop repair capabilities are one of the foundations of our business. We take pride in our engineers’ ability to assess all faulty parts returned from service calls and repair them to an exceptional standard. Our rigorous testing ensures that our refurbished parts meet the same standards as new equipment. We also offer on-site repair services to our channel partners, providing triage, workshop repair, and refurbishing defective enterprise IT infrastructure, including servers, storage, and network hardware. Our approach not only champions sustainability but also enables us to extend our product support in the field.


Our company boasts access to a team of highly skilled in-house consultants, each with specialised knowledge in various data centre technologies. We confidently offer multiple services, including network audits, troubleshooting, and capacity planning, to name a few. Our consultants are available on a daily rate basis to take on complete projects from start to finish. Rest assured; our consultants will provide exceptional expertise and support for all your consultancy requirements.

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