Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance

The Server portfolio covers single-processor Wintel based systems to the larger enterprise level multi-processor solutions.


Our Server portfolio boasts a broad range of systems, catering to the needs of both single-processor Wintel-based systems and more extensive multi-processor solutions for enterprise-level requirements. We provide expert support for numerous technologies, including RISC, Unix, and x86 platforms, and our team of triage & field engineers are available round the clock to diagnose faults and pinpoint problems with remarkable accuracy.

Range of vendors and their family

Cisco – UCS

DEC/Digital – Alpha

Dell – PowerEdge

Fujitsu – PrimePower, Primergy

HPE – 9000 Series, BladeSystem, Proliant, Superdome

IBM – iSeries, xSeries, zSeries, Power Servers, Netfinity

Lenovo – Flex System, ThinkServer

Sun/Oracle – Sun Blade, Sun Fire, Sun Enterprise, Sun Netra, Sun Sparc, Sun Ultra