Environmental, Social And Governance

Environmental, Social and Governance

At Ultra Support, we are deeply committed to our role as a responsible corporate entity, actively engaging in social responsibility initiatives and environmental stewardship to impact our local and global communities positively. Upholding high ethical standards is at the core of our operations, essential for our success and the welfare of our colleagues, customers, and broader society. Our dedication also extends to fostering an equitable and inclusive workplace where opportunities for growth and development are accessible to all. We are grateful for your support as we continue our journey towards creating a brighter, more sustainable future.


Ultra Support is committed to environmental stewardship, working to lessen our operations’ ecological impact. We assess and address our environmental footprint, focusing on the technology lifecycle for clients across the UK and Europe. Our environmental and sustainability policy underscores our dedication to minimising our impact, demonstrating our commitment to contributing to a sustainable future.

Energy – Renewables and Reduction

At Ultra Support, we understand the importance of protecting our planet. That’s why we are committed to reducing our energy consumption as much as possible and using renewable sources where possible. We have made our facility more energy-efficient by installing the latest heating system and switching all lightbulbs to low-energy ones.

Carbon Reduction and Footprint Commitment

We are exploring new technologies, such as solar and battery storage solutions, as part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Additionally, we are investigating offsetting schemes to help us achieve our sustainability goals.

Vehicles and Fuel Usage

80% of our vehicle fleet for Ultra Support is composed of electric vehicles (EVs), while the remaining 20% consists of low emissions ULEZ-compliant type vehicles. We promote and encourage working from home when it is appropriate to do so. For Service Delivery, we have honed our remote diagnostics skills to reduce unnecessary travel and increase the success rate of first-time fixes.

Electrical and Electronic Waste

We have a solid commitment to reducing electronic waste and promoting the reuse of products. We refurbish and reuse 60% of the hard drives we remove from customer sites. Additionally, any waste generated during our repair and refurbishment activities is fully recycled by our downstream partner; Grist Environmental.

Environmentally-Safe Packaging

Our primary goal is to eliminate the use of single-use plastics. To achieve this, we have adopted various measures. Our boxes are manufactured from recycled materials, which are entirely recyclable. If we receive any products in reusable packaging, we will reuse them as long as the quality is satisfactory. Any packaging we cannot reuse is shredded and repurposed as internal packaging. We do not introduce any new single-use plastic.

Governance, Procedures and Policies

Our ISO-based Quality Management Systems integrate environmental processes and procedures through ISO-9001 and ISO-14001. Regular Management Reviews ensure review of all ecological topics, objectives and strategies.

Social Responsibility

At Ultra Support, our primary focus is to create a culture of encouragement and empathy that our team members highly value. Our colleagues are the key to the company’s success, and we strive to provide an environment that emphasises openness and respect, welcoming all ideas and opinions. Our commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive team environment is relentless, and we will continue to maintain this focus as we advance.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Our workforce currently comprises 72.5% male and 27.5% female employees. This exceeds industry norms, yet we aim to enhance gender diversity further. We are dedicated to adopting measures that foster a more balanced and inclusive environment, acknowledging the value of diverse perspectives in driving innovation. Our efforts to improve diversity and equality are ongoing, aligning with our core values and stakeholder expectations.

Anti-bribery and Conflict of Interest Policies

Ultra Support enforces strict anti-bribery and conflict-of-interest policies integrated into employment contracts. We require approval for any secondary employment and conduct thorough HR and, where necessary, Security Clearance & DBS checks for all new hires, ensuring a safe and ethical workplace.

People and Culture

At Ultra Support, we prioritise our team, collaborating closely with customers and suppliers. We’re proud to be an Accredited Living Wage Employer. More details are available on the Living Wage website.

We cultivate a workplace grounded in trust and respect, with every team member contributing to our performance and reputation. Comprehensive training and clear guidelines in our employee handbook underscore our commitment to professional development and ethical conduct.


Ultra Support fosters a ‘Concerns at Work’ culture, offering support for employees who witness significant breaches of company policy or encounter illegal or unethical behaviour. This philosophy grants staff access to external, independent advisors and an internal escalation pathway, empowering them to voice concerns securely and confidently.

Health and Safety

At Ultra Support, we prioritise a safe working environment for our team. Our Executive Board reviews safety reports regularly. Directors attend all Health and Safety Committee meetings. We have partnered with Citation, who provide a comprehensive health and safety training platform, as well as regular audits to support our processes and procedures. Also, we have employees certified under the Safe Contractor scheme.

Social Time

At Ultra Support, we prioritise the well-being of our employees as part of our employer commitments. We offer free access to a gym, encourage recreational activities during work hours, and advocate for regular breaks to boost both mental and physical health. Our ultimate goal is to maintain a supportive and healthy workplace culture.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ultra Support actively encourages our team to contribute to local communities and charities, whether through time, effort, or financial donations. Furthermore, Ultra Support continues to support a variety of charitable organisations within our community and the wider area, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact.

Working with Macmillan Support

Ultra Support hosted successful Macmillan Coffee Mornings, attended by our team and local community members. These events effectively raised funds and awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support, aiding people affected by cancer, including some of our own team’s friends and family.

Working with the Alzheimer’s Society

This year, we’re excited to participate in Trek26, with several team members gearing up for a challenging 26-mile hike across the scenic Cotswolds. We aim to shine a light on and gather support for a condition that profoundly affects individuals and their families. Through this endeavour, we want to challenge ourselves and contribute meaningfully to the fight against this debilitating condition by raising awareness and funds.