Cyber Essentials Certification gained by Ultra Support

Cyber Essentials Certification gained by Ultra Support

April 25, 2023
Cyber Essentials Certified

We’re proud to announce Cyber Essentials Certification gained by Ultra Support.  As an organisation that specialises in providing Data Centre Support & Maintenance, we understand the importance and value of data.

Especially in this cloud-centric hybrid working and mobile connectivity world, we want to reassure our customers. We have taken all reasonable actions to ensure that our systems and processes have robust protection. This mitigates the chance of a cyber-attack or data breach.

To complete certification, five technical control themes are assessed; firewalls, secure configuration, user access control, malware protection and security update management.

All devices run network services, which create communication with other devices and services. We have restricted access to these services to reduce exposure to attacks. To increase protection we have used firewalls, equivalent network devices, or data flow policies in cloud services.

Additional Protection…

We have added protection across all computers and devices interacting with our network.  This includes enabling multi-factor authentication, including ‘Throttling’ the rate of attempts and removing unnecessary user accounts, applications & services.

We have also restricted access across all users so that they only have access privileges to the data and areas of the network that they need to perform their daily tasks. In the event of a malware attack, the attack would only be to the area accessed by that individual user.

Malware is more common and virulent than ever.  We use the latest and most effective anti-virus and malware software across our network.  Prevention is always much better than cure.

Educating users…

While ensuring all these worthwhile system changes are in place, we have educated the users to understand the potential risks and vulnerabilities that can affect them during their working day.  We encourage staff to use longer and unobvious passwords with multiple special characters and words used.

Cyber Essentials Certification gained, this is just a snapshot of some of the additional protection we have put in place, with several further supplementary & complimentary measures installed to protect our data and environment for ourselves and our customers.

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